gas bulk Tank a simple, flexible fuel for every need

Date de mise à jour : 24/09/2021

A bulk gas supply, stored in an overhead or underground tank, provides all the benefits of the gas network.

A gas tank ensures autonomy for heating, hot water and cooking gas when you need them.
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A qualified gas installer

A qualified gas installer will perform the installation work. He will be able to calculate exactly what you need in terms of heating to ensure your comfort is assured for the future.
NB. If you do not know an experienced installer of gas, we can put you in touch with a serious and licensed professional.

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There are several choices to define your own gas solution.

For choosing your gas installation, determine the amount of energy you will consume.
To do this, we can calculate your needs and comfort level that you expect.
The form below will help us do so.
When you fill, we will be able to view your energy needs.
It will clear your profile

Occupancy of the house:
Your house is your principal residence. or a second home
Insulation: poor, average or excellent
How many hours a day you heat your home
What is the mean internal temperature
For hot water: the number of baths or showers a day
To cook: 2 or 4 flames flames or gas oven.

Contact us

If you would like more information, ask for advice, ask a question about a problem you face, change your energy, improve your heating, change energy supplier or find a qualified installer to perform your work, you can contact us :

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